Salt grotto – wellness with a romantic ambiance

Tucked in a soft blanket of salt fog, lay on a relaxing lounge chair in our salt grotto, built with eleven tons of salt crystal millions of years old. Experience the sun rising, or setting behind the ocean to the sound of waves and soft music.

  • open daily from 7 AM – 11 PM
  • Daily family hour with children – 4 PM
  • Starts at the top of the hour
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Temperature in the grotto: 21°C/70F
  • Dress code: regular clothes and shoes
  • Rates: Adults 6€, Children 6 and younger free, 7-12 years 3€
Salzgrotte im Hotel Lindenhof

During your visit to the salt grotto, experience the effects of the precious minerals and micro elements of the salt. Benefits include relaxation and recreation, stress relief with positive impact on allergies, sinus disease, headaches, rheumatic pain, circulatory issues, sleep and skin disorders and under function of the thyroid. 45 minutes in the salt grotto are equivalent to spending an entire day on the ocean with wind and waves.